Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks of contact with UV-C for the installer?

There is no risk; the UV-C LEDs being trapped in a glass tunnel which is inside the section itself. There is no contact with the outside.

What is the service life of the lamp?

The entire LOD’AIR line is guaranteed for 3 years of use, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Should maintenance be expected?

The LOD’AIR line does not require any maintenance. For KILL VID panels, a replacement of the filters once a year is to be expected. This requires only a 3 minute procedure.

How to be sure the UV-C system is active?

A diode-type indicator light shows that the disinfection system is working properly.

Are there several colors in the LOD'AIR line?

The standard colors of the system are black or white for the section and yellow for the disinfection tips; custom colors (RAL) are possible from only 5 pieces.

What is the UGR?

UGR <19

Is the disinfection system separate from the lighting? So it has two separate switches?

Yes, the devices are designed with two drivers; one for visible light (the LED lighting system) and the other for the LOD disinfection system, hence the name LOD “Light Of Disinfection”.

Can worksite requirements be met through a study?

Is there any stock?

Is it intended for disinfection only?

The solution includes both technologies in a single device. However, it is possible to separate the two technologies through the two drivers, the LOD for one and the LED for the other.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes, as a table lamp and lamp; this is called “Plug And Disinfect”.

How much area can be disinfected in an hour?

A LOD device can disinfect from 12 to 35m² (LOD’AIR and LOD’AIR Plus) for a ceiling height of less than 3m. Larger areas such as open spaces or large halls are treated by increasing the number of devices. The LOD’AIR Max can treat 350m³ / hour.

Are plug-ins available?

They are available on request.

How long does it take for proper disinfection?

Log2 (90% disinfection) is obtained after 30 minutes. Log3 (99% disinfection of COVID19) is obtained after one hour.

Does this process destroy viruses on surfaces?

95% of infections linked to respiratory viruses are caused by transmission in the air; LOD’AIR disinfects the air using light. This device does not disinfect surfaces.

Can sensors be put on these lights?

Yes, sensors or timers can be put on the LED or the LOD.

Can the light be adjusted?

Yes, on request. This requires a larger driver and therefore a bigger BOX. For KILL VID, this varies between 1-10V only.

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