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What is UV-C?

UV-C is the most energetic short-wavelength ultraviolet light as well as the most harmful. In broad daylight, UV-C rays are hardly detectable. When it is very dark, they are part of the so-called black light rays.

UV-C is extremely energetic. This energy gives them a considerable power to alter biological molecules; they are used for their germicidal properties.

UV-C sends signals that break down viruses and bacteria through solar radiation.


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The role of UV-C

UV-C is completely filtered out by the ozone layer in the atmosphere and therefore does not reach the earth’s surface. The wavelength of the ray makes it more or less harmful to the cells of bacteria and viruses.

The shortest ultra-violet rays are the UV-C  rays (between 200 and 280 nanometers) then UV-B and UV-A (280 and 400 nanometers). Recognized by scientists, UV-C rays have been used for more than 50 years in hospitals and clinics for the purification of drinking water in cities and in the food industry.

It makes it possible to destroy viruses on surfaces or that are suspended in air after sneezes or coughs.

Common viruses




Whooping cough

Our technology disinfects the air at 99% through UV-C

Coupled with an LED lighting system, our Light of Disinfection technology uses LED UV-C to disinfect the ambient air in a secured environment. Stale air is drawn in by a ventilation turbine, which leads the flow into a tunnel equipped with UV-C (Light Of Disinfection).

Under the effect of UV-C, the DNA of these viruses is destroyed and viruses and bacteria are eliminated. Thus disinfected, the air then circulates in the room, guaranteeing a healthy and safe environment.

Even though UV-C has been used for over 50 years in hospital, medical and sanitization environments, our innovation resides in the ability to disinfect the air in a room in the presence of human beings with absolutely no danger to our health.

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“By managing to disinfect the air in rooms in as people are there, we have won a great battle in returning to normal LIFE”

Olivier Moyen

His degree in biology engineering  and with his R&D team based in Lyon, they developed  an air disinfection solution using UV-C (Light Of Disinfection) coupled with a lighting device. He is therefore managing to master a technology  capable to disinfect the air in presence of human beings and at a very  accessible cost.. Manufactured near Nantes, LOD’AIR solutions are 100% French, certified and approved by a French laboratory.

Manufactured near Nantes, LOD’AIR solutions are 100% French, certified and approved by a French laboratory.

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Scientifically proven protection
against COVID-19

Air disinfection in the presence of human beings

Certified and approved by the French laboratory Piseo (a Cofrac certified organization). Our different LOD Protect solutions have an air disinfection effectiveness equal to 99% in one hour.

The LOD has a defined disinfection effectiveness of Log 1 to Log 3. During air disinfection, the microorganism is “deactivated”. In other words, it is destroyed. Various levels of deactivation exist. These are often expressed in “Log” reduction:

  • Log 1 reduction = 90% deactivation 
  • Log 2 reduction = 99% deactivation
  • Log 3 reduction = 99.9% deactivation
  • Log 4 reduction = 99.99% deactivation

This means that the disinfection efficiency of the LOD can be as high as 99.9%. The detailed concept of disinfection includes a strip of UV-C LEDs placed at the bottom of a rectangular cross section. Two fans located at each opening of the section provide air flow circulating inside the section.

A particle entering the section leaves it a short time later having been subjected to a dose of radiation that depends on the irradiance and the time spent in the section. It is true that UV-C is known to be harmful to all types of organisms and can cause risks of cataracts if a person is directly exposed to UV-C.

However, in this case, the LOD’AIR maintains the virucidal effectiveness of UV-C by integrating it directly in the center of the lamp in a disinfection tunnel. Our different solutions have been classified in risk group 0, that is, with zero photobiological risk. There is no danger associated with the user’s exposure to the UV-C present in the lamp. And that means a huge technological Leap.

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