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LOD, scientifically proven effectiveness

A technology based on the use of UV-C to disinfect the air from viruses and bacteria. Why is UV-C effective in destroying microorganisms? There are 3 types of ultraviolet light emitted by the sun: UV A, B and C. UV-A crosses 95% of the ozone layer, UV-B 5% while UV-C is 100% blocked by the ozone layer.

When microorganisms and viruses are directly exposed to UV-C radiation, the energy of this wavelength directly impacts the DNA structure since they have not been able to develop an immune defense to it. This prevents microorganisms and viruses from growing, infecting, or reproducing. This system has actually been used since 1801 by scientists and doctors for its sterilizing properties. Known to disinfect our drinking water or surgical tools in hospitals; all bacteria and viruses tested to date react to UVC radiation.

95% of infections linked to the Coronavirus occur through the air. 98% of infections occur indoors and it takes 15 minutes for infection to occur. In addition, viruses remain viable in the air for 180 minutes. LOD (Light Of Disinfection) is a lighting system that disinfects the air from viruses and bacteria 99% using UV-C. Contaminated air is sucked in using a mechanical suction system, disinfected using UV-C LEDs and discharged without being denatured, without releasing ozone or other oxidants.

When contaminated air passes through the lamp, LOD (UV-C LED) breaks the thymine bond, which is a component of the microorganism’s DNA, and destroys it. The air is then released into the room having destroyed the viruses present in the air and being 99% disinfected.

Our different LOD Protect solutions have an air disinfection effectiveness equal to 99%.The LOD has a defined disinfection effectiveness of Log 1 to Log 3. During air disinfection, the microorganism is “deactivated”.  In other words, it is destroyed. Various levels of deactivation exist. These are often expressed in “Log” reduction:

• Log 1 reduction = 90% deactivation

• Log 2 reduction = 99% deactivation

• Log 3 reduction = 99.9% deactivation

This means that the disinfection efficiency of the LOD be as high as 99.9%. The detailed concept of disinfection includes a strip of UV-C LEDs placed at the bottom of a rectangular cross section. Two fans located at each opening of the section provide air flow circulating inside the section. A particle entering the section leaves it a short time later having been subjected to a dose of radiation that depends on the irradiance and the time spent in the section.

Certified and approved by the French laboratory Piseo (a Cofrac certified organization). This laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment for conducting photometric and radiometric performance tests of finished components and products such as LEDs, image sensors, illuminators, cameras, etc. Using these services, this makes it possible to qualify and compare the characteristics of the samples tested reliably and precisely.

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